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Service Plan Included

Monthly rental fee comes with a service plan to keep your instrument in top playing condition. All common wear and tear is covered. Not covered is damage caused by negligence or abuse. Please read your rental agreement for exceptions and exclusions.


All instruments are on a rent to own basis. Your rental payment is applied toward the purchase of your instrument. There are no interest or finance charges. We are the only music store that allows 100% of your rental credit to be applied to the instrument you’re renting, a step up instrument, OR an instrument within the same family that is valued at equal to or greater than your current instrument (ex. Clarinet to sax, violin to viola, etc…).

Payment Options

We have found that auto-pay is the most convenient way for parents to pay for rental instruments. We offer the ability to auto debit credit card or debit card.

No Obligation

There are no mandatory long-term commitments or cancellation fees. Simply return the instrument in the same condition as when rented and your rental contract is cancelled.

Annual Rentals

This year City Music is offering big savings on Annual rentals. School orchestra programs start early. By committing to a year at a time you can mitigate your costs while getting all of the benefits of a rental instrument. As always, credit to a step up or size up will be carried over into your next instrument.

Multiple Sized Orchestra Instruments

Orchestra instruments come in multiple sizes. As children grow, they will need to get larger instruments until they reach full size. Our rental program allows you to trade up to larger sizes of the same instrument without losing your rental credit (as long as you continuously rent). Very often, by the time they reach full size, you will almost have enough credit to pay it off. If you are unsure of what size your child needs, bring them in and we will measure them to the proper fit

Quality band & orchestra instruments.

Educator approved brands

Competitive prices

Full service music center for support.

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Q. How long does my rental contract last?
A. There is a one-month minimum rental. Thereafter, contract is on a month-to-month basis. You may return the instrument at any time to cancel your rental contract. The exception to this are annual rental; there is no refund for returned annual contracts.

Q. Is there a deposit due?
A. No deposit is required on standard instruments. Large and qualifying step up instruments may require a deposit.

Q. What happens if my instrument stops playing properly?
A. All rental instruments are covered by a service plan. All normal wear and tear is covered, including strings on orchestra instruments. For string replacement, we will replace one set of a brand of our choosing per 18 months. This means that if you break the “A” string twice, you only pay for it the second time. If you think something is out of adjustment or has worn out, simply bring it in and we will fix it. We recommend instrument be brought in at least once a year for “wellness checks.” Damage or destruction of the instrument because of abuse or negligence is not covered.

New Condition
The instrument has never been used. It is new in the box.

Like New Condition
The instrument may have been previously rented, or used as a display model. It looks like new, and has been thoroughly cleaned, adjusted and sanitized. Like New instruments are limited in quantity.

Used Condition
Used instruments have been rented and returned. They may show some signs of wear and tear, but have gone through our shop and been set up professionally.

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