Standard Rate

$ 45

per hour
  • Comes with experienced Audio Engineer
  • 5 hour bulk: $199
  • 11 hour bulk: $399
  • Post-production: $30/hour
  • Sound design and Composition: $30/hour

Audition Piecespecial deal

$ 65

per audition piece
  • A must-have for aspiring musicians
  • Next-day delivery on post-production
  • Post-production will abide by all standard regulations for audition audio/video (no audio editing or effects)
  • Sync-able with a video upon request
  • Chamber or Jazz Ensembles: $250 per piece

Vocals over Backing Trackspecial deal

$ 99

per track
  • One hour in the studio with audio engineer
  • Vocals fully edited and mixed into track
  • 4 track mix-tape for $350

Bandsspecial deal

$ 450

per song
  • Up to 6 hours in the studio with audio engineer
  • 3 to 5 instruments + vocals
  • Fully produced single
  • Do a 4 song EP for $1699

Singer-Songwritersspecial deal

$ 250

per song
  • Up to 3 hours in the studio with audio engineer
  • 1 to 2 instruments + vocals
  • Fully produced single
  • Do a 4 song EP for $899

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  • Focusrite ISA pre-amps
  • Focusrite Scarlett 8 channel audio interface
  • AT 4040 large diaphragm condenser
  • AT 2020 large diaphragm condenser
  • Rode NT-2A large diaphragm condenser
  • AT 4041 small diaphragm condenser
  • AT Pro 37 small diaphragm condenser pairs
  • ATM 250 hypercardioid dynamic
  • Assortment of SM57, SM58, and PG58
  • Assortment of Samson S-Direct DI boxes
  • Assortment of ATH-M30 headphones, and an 8-channel headphone amp


  • Recording studio service, tailored to the individual.
  • We will help to establish a crystal clear timeline & goals for your project.
  • Includes pre production planning & coaching.
  • An efficient recording process to make the most out of your time and money, while providing individualized attention to get the best sounding takes. We guarantee a strong foundation for your track before going into post-production.
  • Cutting-edge editing with macro and micro adjustments in tuning and timing to create a flawless track with perfect intonation and groove
  • Attentive and conscientious mixing to make your creative ideas come to life, make the uniqueness of your music shine through, and most of all, come out with a product your are truly excited about.


  • Pro Tools 10.3.8
  • Wide range of Waves Audio Plugins
  • Auto-Tune 7 and Melodyne
  • Vocalign Project