Why Rent from City Music?

City Music is a full service music center.

1. Service Plan Included
2. 100% Rent-To-Own
3. Easy Payment Options
4. No Obligation: Cancel after 2 months
5. Educator Approved Brands
6. Certified Repair Technicians
7. Rental Referral Program!

Rental F.A.Q.

Rental F.A.Q.

Q. How long does my rental contract last?
A. After renting your instrument, the contract is on a month to month basis, and you may return the instrument at anytime.
Q. Is there a deposit due?
A. No deposit is required on standard instruments.
Q. What happens if my instrument stops playing properly?
A. All rental instruments are covered by a service plan that is part of the monthly fee. If you think something is out of adjustment, simply bring it in and we will fix it.
Q. Do you offer instrument insurance?
A. Yes we do! It costs between $3.99 and $6.99, depending on the instrument. This covers unusual events, such as loss, theft, acts of God, or unintentional damage.

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Clarinet Rental

A member of the woodwind family, the clarinet gets its rich, dark tone from the timbre and cylindrical bore of the instrument. It has three main registers: the chalumeau, clarion, and altissimo.

$35.99/mo - New

$24.99/mo - Used

Oboe Rental

The oboe is a family of double reed woodwind musical instruments. The standard oboe plays in the treble or soprano range. It is made from a wooden tube roughly 65 cm (25½ inches) long, with metal keys, a conical bore and flared bell. Sound is produced by blowing into the reed and vibrating a column of air. The distinctive oboe tone is versatile, and has been described as "bright".

$46.99/mo - Used

$74.99/mo - New

Baritone/Euphonium Rental

The baritone horn, or sometimes just called baritone, is a low-pitched brass instrument in the saxhorn family.

$74.99/mo - New

$49.99/mo - Used

3/4 Baritone

The baritone horn, or sometimes just called baritone, is a low-pitched brass instrument in the saxhorn family.

$39.99/mo - Used

$69.99/mo - New

Tenor Saxophone Rental

The tenor is one of the two most common types of saxophones, along with the alto. The tenor is pitched in the key of B♭, and written as a transposing instrument in the treble clef, sounding an octave and a major second lower than the written pitch. Modern tenor saxophones which have a high F# key have a range from A♭2 to E5 (concert) and are therefore pitched one octave below the soprano saxophone.

$46.99/mo - Used

$74.99/mo - New

Double French Horn

The French horn (since the 1930s known simply as the "horn" in some professional music circles) is a brass instrument made of tubing wrapped into a coil with a flared bell. The double horn in F/B♭ (technically a variety of German horn) is the horn most often used by players in professional orchestras and bands.

$49.99/mo - Used

$89.99/mo - New

Double Bass Rental

The largest and lowest-pitched bowed string instrument of the viol family in the modern symphony orchestra, with strings usually tuned to E1, A1, D2 and G2.

$76.99/mo - Used

$119.99/mo - New

Bass Clarinet Rental

The bass clarinet is a musical instrument of the clarinet family. Like the more common soprano B♭ clarinet, it is usually pitched in B♭ (meaning it is a transposing instrument on which a written C sounds as B♭), but it plays notes an octave below the soprano B♭ clarinet. Bass clarinets regularly perform in orchestras, wind ensembles/concert bands, occasionally in marching bands, and play an occasional solo role in contemporary music and jazz in particular.

$46.99/mo - Used

$105.99/mo - New

Alto Saxophone Rental

Developed in the 1840’s by Adolphe Sax in Paris, the saxophone is an integral part of the woodwind family. Usually made of brass and using a single-reed mouthpiece comparable to that of the clarinet, it is the most vocal and powerful of its family.

$56.99/mo - New

$36.99/mo - Used

Flute Rental

Flutes have been named the very first known musical instrument ever in creation. Found in Germany, flutes as old as 40,000 years demonstrate that during the earliest period of modern human existence in Europe, a musical tradition had also been developed.

$32.99/mo - New

$28.99/mo - Like New

$24.99/mo - Used

Trumpet Rental

Part of the brass family, the trumpet has the highest register of any of its family members. It’s also one of the oldest musical instruments, next to the flute, dating as far back as 1500 BCE.

$39.99/mo - New

$29.99/mo - Like New

$24.99/mo - Used

Trombone Rental

The trombone is typically identified by its long slide which the player uses to change the pitch. Bent into an “S” shape, the trombone is composed of a brass tube. The trombone player can extend the air column’s length and lower the pitch using the slide.

$39.99/mo - New

$24.99/mo - Used

Violin Rental

In comparison to the viola, cello and double bass, the violin is the smallest member of the violin family, with the highest-pitch. The word “violin” means “stringed instrument,” and stems from the Latin word vitula.

$32.99/mo - New Full Size (4/4)

$22.99/mo - Used Full Size (4/4)

$19.99/mo - Used Fractional (3/4)

$19.99/mo - Used Fractional (1/2)

$19.99/mo - Used Fractional (1/4)

$19.99/mo - Used Fractional (1/8)

$19.99/mo - Used Fractional (1/10)

$19.99/mo - Used Fractional (1/16)

Viola Rental

The violin and viola are easy to mistake because their sizes aren’t very different, and the pitches they each create also sound very similar. The two are also played in nearly identical ways. In truth, the viola is only a fifth below the violin in pitch range, allowing it to have a considerably richer sound, perfect for playing harmonies.

$39.99/mo - New Full Size 16"

$39.99/mo - New Full Size 15"

$39.99/mo - New Full Size 15"

$29.99/mo - Used Full Size 15"

$29.99/mo - Used Full Size 15"

$22.99/mo - Fractional Size 14"

$22.99/mo - Fractional Size 13"

$29.99/mo - Fractional Size 12"

Cello Rental

The cello is the second largest bowed string instrument and carries the torch in symphony orchestras behind the double bass. The word cello comes from ‘violincello’, and plays the bass roll in any string quartet and chamber group.

$49.99/mo - New Full Size (4/4)

$35.99/mo - Used Fractional (3/4)

$39.99/mo - Used Full Size (4/4)

$35.99/mo - Used Fractional (1/2)

$35.99/mo - Used Fractional (1/4)

$35.99/mo - Used Fractional (1/8)

$19.99/mo + tax

(decline $3.99/mo insurance)
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